Anders Beier & Sune Rasborg

Anders Beier is a commercial still life, beverage and food photographer.  His images are simplistic, graphic and textural. They have a genuine pureness which allow the viewer to taste and feel the subject. Anders’ Nordic/Scandinavian background and connection to the earth are shown in the color pallets used. His work ranges from advertising campaigns to editorial stories.
Sune Rasborg is a professional chef with several head chef jobs on his resumé. In He even won a Danish cooking competition in 2013. He has been working as a food stylist, for both stills and film, for more than 15 years. Lately, Sune and Anders have developed their unique Scandinavian style which demonstrates the food in a the most natural way, and often with a human touch.
Their work have been used in campaigns for PhaseOne
Anders and Sune have also wrote two books about the food culture of their home island, Bornholm. Their first book won an international prize for “Best Photography Cook Book” in World Gourmand Cookbook Awards 2016.

They are the founders of an international food photo competition with a sustainable theme and with exhibitions seen by more than 50,000 people