Hubert Kang

This is going to be a rather lengthy bio because Hubert feels it is important to let you know some things about him. If you are in a rush please jump to the conclusion paragraph directly. Hubert was born on February 22nd. It’s an interesting date because some cool people were born on the same day as well. To name a few, Frederic Chopin, George Washington, Dr. J (!), and Jenna Haze… But really the coolest are Robert Wadlow (tallest man in history. 8’11”) and Steve Crocodile Hunter Irwin (My personal hero!). He wrote this bio on his 27th birthday.

Made in Taiwan, assembled in Canada, and reprogrammed in the UK, Hubert was recently selected by Magenta Foundation as one of the most exciting emerging photographers in the US, UK, and Canada. His journey in photography hasn’t been the most straightforward one, but like most stories in his life, his positive attitude carries him through. Hubert spent five tough years going to one of the top business schools in Canada, only to find out he didn’t want to do anything but photography when he graduated. For the next two years he somehow survived the traumatic experience of being a lousy assistant working for some of the greatest photographers today. As if that wasn’t enough of irresponsibility (or deterrence?), Hubert went on to study for my master degree in documentary photography at the London College of Communication. When he finished, he realized, while I am not cut out to be a hardcore photojournalist, he is good with telling stories in a beautiful and lyrical visual language. Most importantly, he realized he can bring something very unique to the table in the photography world.

“You photograph what you are”. Hubert can’t agree with that statement more. Being brought up with both Eastern and Western influences, he has learned to always look at things from infused perspectives and aesthetics. He is attracted to energy, forms, light, and raw emotions. In his photographs he mix these elements with my life experiences to communicate what he sees in this fascinating world.

Other than these philosophical things, hmm, Vancouver is Hubert’s home base right now. He enjoys old school 90s hip-hop. He hasn’t changed his hairstyle for at least 5 years now. He plays basketball because he loves competing as a team. People say he is a very positive and easy-going guy. He tries to maintain that without stepping into the being clueless territory. He also tries to be funny but fail more often than he likes.

Thanks for taking the time to read this quite irrelevant bio. Hubert’s girlfriend, Annie, thinks this is a very unprofessional one. So, in case you are still reading and wondering, yes, photography is all he does. He is very professional when it comes to photography. The portfolios can speak for themselves. When the phone stops ringing he will know it’s time to update this bio. Please prove Annie wrong.