Jeremy Wong

Represented by Red Cactus in Shanghai

Bound with energy and vigor, Jeremy has never gave in to any obstacles or difficult situations. With this spirit, he is one of the rising personalities to look out for in the commercial photography industry.

Jeremy started off as a photography assistant in 2002, working his way up the ladder. With his affable working attitude, he has thus garnered his own share of clientele whom likens his style of photography, which is his strongest niche; Versatility.

Since 2005, his commendable efforts continue to win over admirers and stake his claim as an uprising talent with awards in prestigious shows such as the Cannes Lions, D&AD, One Show, Creative Circle Awards, Adfest, Spikes and Asia Interactive Awards. He was also nominated as Lurzer’s Achieve 200 Best Photographer for 2010.

Working from technically challenged shoots to improvising on-the-go ideas, he has always been able to leave clients’ mind at ease from pre-production meetings through to post production.

Being resourceful in most aspects of production, Jeremy insists on being involved in all production stages, sometimes even getting his hands dirty by creating a prop himself from scratch. With such dedication, it is no wonder he is much sought after in his line of work.