Timon Wehrli

Originally from the UK, Timon Wehrli began his photography career in Los Angeles in 1988 after graduating from London’s prestigious Royal College of Art and Design. In 1993, his extensive travels brought him to Hong Kong where he began working as a reportage photographer. As Timon’s reputation and repertoire grew, he set-up Red Dog Studio in 1995 where his work quickly matured, developed and evolved to include high profile advertising, celebrity, fashion, food and interiors.

Over a decade later, Red Dog Studio is one of the leading and most sought after creative studios in Hong Kong and across the Asia Pacific Region. Under Timon’s artistic direction and as chief photographer, the studio has amassed an impressive portfolio that includes high profile celebrity portraits (Arron Kwok, Shu Qi, Tony Leung, Sandy Lam, Brad Pitt); blue chip and high-end fashion advertising campaigns (Reebok, Intel, Levi’s, Coach, Ferregamo, Marc Jacobs, Panadol, Cathay Pacific, Fornarina, MasterCard, Philips); high-end fashion editorials (West East, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Vision, Time); and a vast and diverse range of personal creative projects, including a month-long documentary project with the last nomadic tribe in Mongolia.

Red Dog is currently working on major advertising campaigns across the region and 2013 will see Timon streamlining the studio and adapting his personal photography to include a fine art photography exhibition, as well as continuing a love and desire to be involved in a diverse selection of charity projects.